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We are Live On the Air this December!

Dr. Paul Ho will be appearing on Jacqueline Hennessy's "Medical Intelligence" show, talking about Irritable Bowel Syndrome and what he has done to successfully treat these patients with alternative therapies. The show will be aired on Rogers Cable the week of December 8th as follows: Monday 3pm, Tuesday 8am, Friday 10am; and on OMNI 2 on Tuesday 3am.


Chrioflow™ Water-Base Pillow

“Improve your quality of Sleep” with the Chrioflow water-base pillow. Fill base with water to desired firmness!
Unlike the formed pillow,the patented Water base Pillow gently adjusts to changes in different sleeping positions while supporting the head and neck.

$68.00 (taxes included) –must mention web site sale price

Zhong Gan Ling

The most effective patent Chinese herbal formula for boosting the immune system against flu’s and colds. A must for this cooler season.
On sale now $8.00 / bottle

Now Open Saturdays:

The Toronto Pain and Headache Clinic is happy to announce that we finally have Saturday hours, from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm — for those of you who cannot make it in on a week day. Dr. Sheldon Ho is now accepting patients on this day! Call now to book an appointment (416-925-2579)!

Articles of Interest From our Practitioners

Shiatsu Strengthens Immunity for Winter Season”, by Catherine Ziliotto

After a long hot summer, the fall may come as a welcome change. It is a time to begin new routines and prepare ourselves for the coming winter. In response to cooler weather, it is wise to increase our intake of root vegetables and warming soups as well as getting out our sweaters and warm coats....    >>click here to read more!

"Headaches are not Normal", by Dr. David Gryfe

How many times have you heard (or said) something like this:

“I normally get headaches before it rains,”
“It’s just my normal premenstrual headache”
or “This isn’t one of my normal headaches”   >>click here to read more!

"Cervical Postural Syndrome", by Dr. Sheldon Ho

Another school year has just begun as students resume their normal schedule of preparing for assignments, tests, and exams. As these daily rigors take their toll, many may suffer from headaches, neck and shoulder pains, burning sensations, and dizziness. Some may even report of numbness and tingling into the arms as well as fatigue, affecting their ability to concentrate.    >>click here to read more!

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